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“Home of the Single Bag Caddie”

Dormie is ideal for walking. We have added carts for those who would rather ride. Caddies and fore caddies are recommended.

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Dormie Club

Dormie is an 18 hole Coore & Crenshaw designed golf club that opened as a private club in May 2010. Many consider Dormie to be their best work to date. Non-member play is being accepted for a limited time.

The course is built on 307 acres and located in the middle of 1,028 acres of rolling sand hills. There is a 110′ change of elevation across the property.

Dormie is proud to have had Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw select Dormie as one of their original designs.  This is an honor since Ben and Bill have only designed 20 courses in their joint careers, and ___ of these are rated in the top 100 modern courses in the US.  With Dormie joining this group as the 54th best US course per Golf Magazine and Golf Week # ___).  Not many properties fit the scrutiny of Ben and Bill who are known for their minimalistic designs that are intended to fit the topography of the their natural settings.  Accompanying Ben and bill on this construction was “Bunker gerue” Jeff Bradley who created the naturalistic ___ bunkers throughout the Dormie course.


Dormie is central to the North Carolina Sandhills which has a strong Scottish heritage for its early settlement as well as its popularity as the Home of American Golf.  The Scottish term “dormie” originally referred to a point in time in one’s life when things were well settled and nothing could go wrong.  In golfing vernatcular, the term “dormie” refers to a player in match play who is ahead by enough holes that he cannot lose.  He might be tied but the cannot lose – “he is therefore dormie.”  Lifestyle the Dormie is intended to take on this same connotation.

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